Why Custom Publish?

  • To develop custom, innovative solutions for individual and corporate projects
  • To build a deeper relationship with customers or client base
  • To increase revenues from existing clients and build new business
  • To motivate and inspire a behaviour change to selected goals

Custom Publishing is the perfect way to deliver your highly targeted message to a specific audience. Through branded editorial content, individuals will receive educational information, while building your brand image. Custom-published publications can "tell a story", educate and inform, and enhance your image with customers, prospective clients, employees, or any other audience targeted.

Shore Publishing Provides:

  • Creative Concept Development
  • Strategy Development
  • Development of Communication Objectives
  • Securing Talent for the Project
  • Editorial Content
  • Art and Design
  • Pre-press and Print Co-ordination
  • Advertising/Sales
  • Marketing
  • Program and Publication Evaluation


Is Custom Publishing Effective?

According to study after study, Custom Published material is a highly effective way of reaching an audience.

Readership of Custom Publications:

  • Read on a regular basis 76% – 90%

  • Content is informative 80% – 91%

  • Read more than half the publication 68% – 91%

  • Keep for future reference 27% – 47%

Consumers who read custom publications:

  • 93% believe the company has a good reputation

  • 86% believe the company looks after its customers

  • 86% believe the company strives to meet their needs

  • 89% believe the company can be trusted

Do Custom Publications impact consumer behavior?

  • 57% of consumers have purchased a product or service from a company as a direct result of reading its customer magazine

  • 40% of consumers are more likely to go on using the company, or to select it for another purchase in the future

  • 78% of consumers think a custom magazine is a better way for a company to communicate its products or services than other media

Source: Millward Brown Custom Study for APA